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Trustee fights charge

Hovanic denies using office to benefit brother

November 2, 2013

WARREN — Attorneys for Champion Trustee Jeff Hovanic are calling allegations that he used his office to improperly benefit his brother a political stunt in advance of Tuesday’s electio....

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Nov-06-13 10:46 AM

Thisaintparadise= Sorry to take so long to reply as I hadn't looked at the comments since I first posted a comment on this article. Hovanic replaced Ken Overholt when Overholt chose not to run for re-election.

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Nov-05-13 10:16 AM

RPM...said - "Jeff didn't get a hand-me down from his dad" Yea, kinda' think he did. Retiredguy referenced the prosecutor's letter as proof it produced action ( or inaction ). People ignore letters everyday. I finally quit looking for the money from Ed McMahon. Besides, part of the trustees job is to select insurance. Can he be legally advised NOT to do his job. If he can, why is he there?

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Nov-04-13 6:39 PM

"thisaintparadise" (and others) really need to check the facts before making noise ....Jeff didn't get a hand-me down from his dad ....and I agree ... this dirt wasn't cobbled together was piled ; just like in the cow pasture ....the well informed people of Champion already know who to trust ....

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Nov-04-13 11:59 AM

Retiredguy, who did Jeff replace as a trustee? I'm thinking it was his Dad. The Hovanics have held power in Champion for decades. I'm pretty sure that this case wasn't "cobbled together" at the last minute. It's time the people of Champion wake up and, with an open mind, see if perhaps their trust has been misplaced.

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Nov-04-13 8:33 AM

All this nonsense is nothing more than small town politics going to the "dark side" ...what ever happened to running on you own merits ? ...not , fabrications and out right lies ? Maybe some folks think they can't win on their own merit. That is the only thing I agree with (they can't)

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Nov-03-13 9:57 PM

Your 2 cents worth stinks. If you could read, if you would investigate the FACTS before you spout off, you would THEN know, Hovanec made NOTHING in that Probate trust matter. Hasn't accepted a nickel! If you're so smart and "knowledgeable" about these matters, why aren't YOU on the ballot Tuesday???

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Nov-03-13 5:06 PM

I do recall now that you mentioned it that Hovanic got a sweet deal from his wifes boss judge Swift making big money of that guys trust. That was so wrong on hovanics part. Now he's involved in giving a sweet deal to his brother. This Hovanic guy stinks. Champion has to be crazy to keep him. He should be investigated for these wrongdoings and who knows what else they'll find on him.

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Nov-03-13 12:55 AM

There has been so many deals made. With last chief and his bailiff job. The fact that he became involved over a estate that his wife works for judge swift who is a crook.and this estate has a lot of money involved and was mishandled.

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Nov-02-13 9:20 PM

Jeff has made a comment about HE WILL NOT TAKE FOOD OFF HIS BROTHER TABLE !!! What does that tell you!

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Nov-02-13 4:05 PM

If they did something similar in Bazetta between the trustee and the road supervisor then they may likely be guilty of the same. That's the problem with this county, if one person gets away with something then everybody thinks they're entitled to get away with the same. They should all be investigated.

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Nov-02-13 10:09 AM

The fact that he conducted many of his real estate deals while working on his office job at Copperweld has absolutely nothing to do with all of this. Trustees can do pretty much all they want in any of Trumbull's townships.Look at Bazetta with a retired road supervisor setting up a relative to run the road department before becoming a trustee himself.Another has a relative working as a policeman in the twp. The trustees hired an information tech position that was never bid on.Its all very above board and legal.People just get over it! It is what it is!Get a life.

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Nov-02-13 9:16 AM

So, if he didn't vote, didn't discuss and didn't participate in any way, you will declare him innocent just as forcefully as you declared him guilty?

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Nov-02-13 8:31 AM

It doesn't matter whether he voted or not. If he was involved in any discussions with the other trustees in public or private about using his brother for the insurance then he's guilty. That's called using his influence which is illegal. It doesn't matter if he's a great public servant or not. If he did it He's guilty.

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Nov-02-13 7:54 AM

Retiredguy. - unfortunately, some people aren't interested in the facts, as you so ably stated them. They only care about their agenda and all consuming desire to harm an honorable public servant.

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Nov-02-13 7:43 AM

Greg Hovanic first provided the township insurance policies back in the early 90s way before Jeff became a trustee. The plantiff wants the public to believe that this suit wasn't intended to affect the election, but the items listed in the action could have been filed any time, any day of the last 16 years Mr Hovanic was in office. Instead papers got cobbled together and quickly filed so that the case would be heard and reported (but not decided) the weekend prior to the election. Leaving doubts. The humorous part of this action is the claim Mr Hovanic missed meetings where possibly a 2 to 1 vote to change agents could have changed the insurance broker for Champion. ut that could never happened. The two trustees in attendance always split the vote between Greg and the other insurer. A split vote.

Remember the Prosecutor told J. Hovanic to abstain from any votes on insurance the final net effect of the vote had he been present would have been the same 1 for 1 against and 1 absten

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Nov-02-13 6:45 AM

YES - Champion Trustee Jeff Hovanic is a crooked politician.

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