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Mann: ‘I am not a monster’

Convicted murderer fights for life

October 26, 2013

WARREN — Testimony wrapped up Friday morning in the mitigation phase of the Louis Mann murder trial, with Mann taking the stand to tell jurors that before he killed his parents, he was a ‘‘druggie, ......

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Oct-28-13 11:16 PM

If hes not a monster then wtf is he???? Really i dont think my opinion of a Monster is any different then anyone else. I think he should get death or maybe someone should do everything to him that he done to his poor parents. What a Fking sicko.

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Oct-28-13 11:38 AM

No he's not a monster, he is a POS.

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Oct-27-13 7:52 PM

Typical in this culture,but quick to call others animals & subhumans..only devils kill their parents & kids.

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Oct-27-13 11:34 AM

Sorry drug induced or not you still killed your parents. You do the crime you do the time; if that means death penalty so be it. Problem is he will be like Danny Hill and still be alive 25 years from now. Five appeals should be the maximum death to follow with in 5 years. Then these criminals would think twice. Or maybe have with in a year of sentencing. To much of coddling prisoners; victims have no rights any more.. Sorry Mann if I was on the jury or I was the judge you would be a goner.

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Oct-27-13 2:08 AM

Mann: ‘I am not a monster’ I'm also a low-life piece of scum MURDERER!

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Oct-26-13 10:53 PM

"too bad the Nazis didn't wipe them out" @motsttaw,Drunk posting is always a bad idea.Sober up,and try again tomorrow.You are rambling nonsense.

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Oct-26-13 10:38 PM

another casualty of the drug culture started by the baby boomers and the british rock groups. how do you like it. nice huh? we had to throw the british out of America twice, with guns. we had to bail their sorry a***s out of two wars with Germany and were never reimbursed for the cost. they are nothing but a bunch of deadbeats, but they continue to influence our young with their immoral drug induced culture. yeah, and their phony royalty too. disgusting. too bad the Nazis didn't wipe them out.

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Oct-26-13 8:07 PM

Artic, guess Oldg didn't like my post when I called him out, he just can't stay away from that abuse button when someone says something he doesn't agree with, what a shame.

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Oct-26-13 8:06 PM

He is definitely right about not being a "monster". Monsters are an invention of science fiction. He IS a killer.He killed his own parents for whatever "reason" or rationale that drove him to do such a horrible thing.He beat his father with a flashlight and stabbed him to death...that's the LEAST we can do for him.Sad about his daughter.Sad that HE did not consider her when he did what he did.

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Oct-26-13 7:40 PM

NMC - why, please tell me WHY, do you constantly interject race into virtually every article? I know you do it to "stir the pot" (got your number a long time ago), but it's getting old. I normally find your comments amusing, and seldom respond, however, tell me why you do this? Do you REALLY believe EVERYTHING has a racial undertone? Come on, man, let's try to be a little more civil and accept this country for what it is - racially divided, but the constant instigating commentary does nothing to make things better. (Serious comments - trying to relate.)

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Oct-26-13 6:40 PM

The death penalty is revenge,not justice.Justice will not be found in this life for this "monster".Work details are good for some criminals and crimes,but not this one.No death penalty,no work detail,no rehab.Lock him up,and forget about him NOW.Extract him from not only society,but extract him from our memory..No more front page photos',no more statements,no more "I was molested",no more debate,no more anything.Lock him up,and forget about him.The death penalty will allow him to keep his current "celebrity" status.This paper will cover every word of the appeals process,every word HE SAYS!! I do not care what he has to say.He may have found GOD,maybe not.That is between him and GOD.Show him how un-important he is,lock him up,and give him food to eat,water to drink and NOTHING but TIME.Time to stir in his mind,Time to be alone in the world.Time to replay the horror in his mind.GOD may forgive him,society will not.

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Oct-26-13 5:16 PM

All criminals should really be put to work. He sits in a cell for 23 hours??!! He could be picking up litter, raking leaves in a cematary - a million other jobs to help the public who are paying for his incarceration.

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Oct-26-13 3:03 PM

loll.. he needs to tell the truth. He was high on glue, and wanted what his parents had. Fry the Guy..

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Oct-26-13 1:58 PM

I knew he wasn't molested as a child. Too many criminals say this and say they were really abused as children to try and get the jurors to feel sorry for them. It always happens this way. They kill and feel no remorse, but when caught and the sentence comes down on them, then they beg for mercy cause they don't want to die. Neither did their victims. Taxpayers pay out too much for scum like him. Save my money, please for hungery children and put one right between the eyes. An eye for an eye- a tooth for a tooth. Bible says it, so do it.

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Oct-26-13 1:39 PM

"he will probably live on APPEALS for the next 10 to 20 years, at the taxpayers expense."

Exactly, one 22 shell. saves a LOT of money and the shark lawyers will not make money either. The court justice system LOVES appeals and plea bargains, it keeps them in business.

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Oct-26-13 1:36 PM

jonathon, right on !!!! Among others on here who comments all the time about what you describe. If this turd had been black, we would all have been called racists by now.

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Oct-26-13 12:57 PM

A few years ago Louis sat in my house talking about his dad's failing health. He started to cry saying how he wished there was more he could do to help his parents telling me how difficult life had become for them.

He never once had anything bad or negetive to say about his mom or his dad so his story of sexual abuse and molestation is just that a story he's making up to save his life.

Louis always fancied himself a real bad a.s.s.outlaw gangster. Forever yapping about "pulling my gat"/45 on this guy or that guy ect..

The real Lou Mann is a huge coward and a blowhard pumped up on pills and his fantasies. Maybe forced sobriety has opened his eyes and cleared what's left of his mind but that doesn't change the facts of the terrible crime he's guilty of.

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Oct-26-13 12:50 PM

The worse thing about how the system works, is that he will probably live on APPEALS for the next 10 to 20 years, at the taxpayers expense. Just like Charlie Manson.

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Oct-26-13 11:05 AM

Even if he found God in jail as he claims, it does not exempt him from the punishment the government gives for his criminal actions. He deserves death. If he ever becomes truly remorseful and asks God for forgiveness, good. But he should still be executed for his crimes.

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Oct-26-13 10:42 AM

You say "good actor"? NOT!! I could see right thru him. Maybe justice will be served SWIFTLY once he's in prison.

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Oct-26-13 10:13 AM

If he is not a monster, then what is? He must of took acting classes while in prison, for the performance he gave. He claims he is drug free now, only because he has been locked up since being captured. He is just a liar, a thief and a killer trying to save his own arse. People like him will say anything to play on a jury's mind. If he is so remorseful for what he did, give him a gun with just one bullet in it or knife and see if he uses it on himself. I'm betting this piece of scum won't use it. He wants to prey on the jury's feeling and hopes they spare his miserable life. It's a shame that the U.S. doesn't have a island out in the ocean in shark invested waters, to put scum like him on it. Then let them feign for themselves like the animals they are. It sure would save taxpayers alot of money, in the long run.

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Oct-26-13 9:25 AM

Well you certainly are no angel!!you acted like a monster so you are a monster. People like you make me sick. Hope they throw the whole book at you. You certainly have nothing to contribute to society.

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Oct-26-13 9:18 AM

dstabt, I do agree with the concept of making prisoners work somehow. In this case, a 22 caliber bullet placed right between his eyes would save the taxpayers a lot of money. This turd does not deserve to ever be fed, clothed and housed by the taxpayers. But, he will be, even if sentence to die, we will support this piece of crap for a long time. I say shoot him today, on the steps of the courthouse.

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Oct-26-13 9:06 AM

No remorse, no emotion, no true internal ability to change. Don't be afraid to call it like it is. He deserves the death penalty- capital murder calls for swift, certain and severe punishment.

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Oct-26-13 8:52 AM

Remove the glasses, & you can almost see the HORNS growing on his head.

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