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Suspect accused in death of parents

October 11, 2013

WARREN — With a team of three defense attorneys already conceding guilt in the capital murder case of Louis Mann, strategy now focuses on how his lawyers will try to keep him off death row....

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Oct-11-13 6:13 PM

Interesting how the sexual abuse accusations never surfaced until he needed a defense for murder. If the parents were so bad then why did he go back there? He is truly a waste of skin. I hope he gets what is coming to him.

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Oct-11-13 5:23 PM

It's not fair to blame his deceased parents of the so-called abuse he is saying happened. His parents aren't here to defend themselves and of any statement this drug addicted killer is trying to pin on them. These murderers use this excuse and ply the mental illness card way too often, and the courts agree with them.Sad. He couldn't get more money, I'll bet for his drugs, so he went into a killing spree instead of finding a job and supporting his filthy habit himself. One right between the eyes and save taxpayers money.

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Oct-11-13 3:45 PM

I've got to agree with NMC on this one. No one race has a monopoly on the ignorance or violence market.

Black,white,yellow,brown,red ect... human beings can be violent,cruel and vicious. Some are exactly like the trash and garbage you toss out,comes in all colors and sizes

A scumbag is a scumbag regardless of skin color !!

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Oct-11-13 1:21 PM

Yep Earl, I remember that moral family values rant that took place on this board several years ago. Old Grump has probably been spinning in his dusty, lonely grave.

I'm sure as his soul is tortured in eternal he11, he like the rest of the bigots of this planet begin to realize God created man as a flawed human being. Each capable of evil & ignorance with complexion having nothing to do with the evil & ignorance contained within...

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Oct-11-13 11:14 AM

If this worthless pos told me the sky is blue I'd go outside and look. He's a lier,thief,drug using coward who's never taken any responsibility in his wasted,useless life.

Now he's going to blame mom and dad for everything he's ever done but you see where he was living fresh out of jail. Mooching off his parents,eating their food,and taking as much as he could from them. The only thing his parents are guilty of is not booting him to the curb and turning him from their door years ago.

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Oct-11-13 7:27 AM

Here we go again with that abuse and neglect BS when he was growing up. For someone to even consider those as mitigating factors for what he did, is totally ridiculous. Why the courts would even consider or allow this as reasons for what he done, is BS. If the crime was committed while or when he was abused, that would be understandable. But saying this is the reason 20 years later, is crazy. Give him what he deserves a quick shot in the arm, and put him out of his miserable life.

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Oct-11-13 6:56 AM

So much for the morals & family values thingy huh. Typical behavior in this culture. Sad,just sad. SMH

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Oct-11-13 3:57 AM

Doping yourself up until you are so out of it you become a monster is not, and should not be legally considered, a defense for committing violence acts. Especially not acts of such egregious acts. This "man" does not deserve anything short of death by lethal injection.

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