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The condition of neighborhood sad

September 15, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: My husband and I returned to Warren on Sept. 8, for a memorial service for a family member. We drove around Warren to visit our former childhood homes....

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Sep-24-13 9:37 AM

Right wing policies have destroyed areas such as ours

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Sep-23-13 12:44 PM

Thank you Mrs.King for pointing out the obvious. Warren and every other city in the rust belt has declined since the fall of the steel industry.

While some cities have made progress and partial recovery none of them will ever be what they once were when they enjoyed full employment and hefty tax bases including your town.

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Sep-22-13 4:42 PM

To the naysayers of this letter,I point out that my grandparents used to live in a nice little house they built on federal Street. nice neighborhood, nice neighbors. Don't know about the neighbors now, they could be wonderful people, but both the house and the neighborhood are dumps. Period.

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Sep-21-13 6:57 PM

If she thinks Cuyahoga Falls has no poverty, she is smoking dope. Warren has many neighborhoods which make hers in CF look like a slum. So nice to be judged by an idiot. Those that judge don't matter and those that matter don't judge.

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Sep-20-13 2:56 PM

I question the authenticity of this letter also. What really is the point? Cuyahoga Falls is a mere 40 miles from Warren. So she has family 40 miles away yet hasn't been to Warren since the 50s? She acts like she lives across the country. I don't know where the street she's talking about is but she had to drive in here off of Route 5 and down West Market. If West Market didn't shock the wheels off her I find it hard to believe she'd be shocked by any other street in Warren.

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Sep-19-13 8:16 AM

And what may your hometown be johnny??

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Sep-16-13 3:51 PM

Patti, those days of the hood being anything but a hood past many years ago. Thanks for telling us that have to go to Warren regularly already know.

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Sep-16-13 2:35 PM

" Anyone truly "gone" would have no need to keep ranting..." the rant goes on!

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Sep-16-13 9:37 AM

Like Cuyahoga Falls is paradise? I drive through it EVERY day and I can tell you that it isn't that nice. Keep your stones in the Falls and don't throw them into Warren.

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Sep-15-13 7:01 PM

If you really do not live in Warren then you have no reason to keep crying about what you believe it has become.

I'm from Cleveland and you'll never find me on a message board ranting about how bad certain neighborhoods are.

My guess is those idiots ranting about Warren while claiming to have left are liars!

The truth is you're too poor to leave the ghetto so you log on complaining and crying about the City you're stuck in. Anyone truly "gone" would have no need to keep ranting...

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Sep-15-13 11:15 AM

Thank you for taking the time to write a letter to the paper to tell us Warren isn't what it used to be.We had no idea! You have opened our eyes!Good thing that we have people like you who come back ONLY because someone died to enlighten us.This letter is completely useless.

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Sep-15-13 10:46 AM

I cut through what use to be Westlawn and down Union st the other day to get to Tod Ave. My father grew up on Union. As I moved through, I just can't get over all the foreclosures. Its all over the city. It multiple neighborhoods people have lost or walked away from so many homes. The blight is bad. The previous poster mentioned Detroit. I was up there a few years back and it seemed like every other house is foreclosed or burned up. Warren is little Detroit. My father would roll in his grave he new what Warren has become.

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Sep-15-13 10:03 AM

Now Now you two, you're going to upset Msmith with that negative talk about her fine city of Warren.

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Sep-15-13 7:49 AM

Be thankful you did not get mugged or shot while driving around Warren in some of those areas. The don't call Warren "Little Detroit" for nothing these days.

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Sep-15-13 7:07 AM

Yea, well, you also had jobs and leave it to Beaver back in the 50's. People have no dignity or respect for anything or anyone anymore.

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