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Details emerge in murder case

Woman boarded suspect, says she didn’t know him well

August 17, 2013

WARREN — Even though she didn’t know his last name, Melody McGlothlin said she allowed accused murderer Richard Clark to stay at her Maryland Street home for about a month....

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Aug-21-13 12:22 AM

Not my fault you can't read or comprehend: Earl

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Aug-21-13 12:21 AM

EARL:I meant get the whole story, Get all the facts I never said or meant in any way that anyone is innocent! I meant she met him (THUG) through a mutual friend (MOST LIKELY ANOTHER THUG) & lets him move in with her (LOONEY TUNE) & her young children.

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Aug-18-13 6:49 PM

Typical behavior of the hypocritical obamahaters that troll on here daily,now have nothing to say. LOL You can tell this lady probably suffers from the HPV vaccination...she does'nt even know this killer's last name,but she allowed him to stay there. But more importantly,where's the kids father at in this ordeal. @nmc,you see how these clowns like abe lincoln try to place the blame on someone else instead of facing reality. LOL

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Aug-18-13 2:58 AM

Who was this "mutual friend", Probably another THUG! Investigate him also, put the kids in protective care! SO MANY LOSERS In Warren-out Ohio!

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Aug-17-13 9:17 PM

Besides the taking of a stranger you don't even know into your home, and worse yet, not even knowing his last name and criminal background, this was just stupid. This woman and her children are lucky to be unharmed.

Top it off, this woman, I believe, said got a tattoo from the man. Tell me it was done according to all professional health department standards. If not, hepatitis may be a result of dirty equipment.

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Aug-17-13 1:35 PM

No MM an idiotic female & worthless dope fiend thug would have to be black to draw any mass criticism & attention on this site!

The status quo is to pretend this sort of stupidity does not exist among whites. Or had'nt you noticed?

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Aug-17-13 12:06 PM

"Since 1993, Clark had been charged with various crimes, including drug-related offenses, endangering children, theft, receiving stolen property, attempted burglary, stealing a car, unauthorized use of a car, resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon."

He should have been locked up and the key thrown away a decade ago. Ridiculous.

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Aug-17-13 9:40 AM

Another success story from a couple of Warren's fine upstanding citizens.

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Aug-17-13 8:55 AM

Eyesonyou2 it has nothing to do being a recipient of public assistance....get real. It has to do with common sense. What woman would ever in their right mind let a stranger stay in their house especially when you have children....AND he was not paying her rent. SHE needs to be investigated!

MandatoryMullets...that made me ROFL...I'm surprised there wasn't a trailer involved

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Aug-17-13 8:24 AM

I am confused, why would you let someone you don't really know stay at your home without paying rent?

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Aug-17-13 7:22 AM

It does cause a bit of an embarrassment for sure.

I'm sure those tattoos were real nice.

Also, this lady needs some serious mental health intervention. Why on earth would you bring a strange man unknown to your children into your abode, unless you are a complete white trash multi-generational recipient of public assistance raised on grape drink and powdered potatoes.

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