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Sat. 6:55pm: Rallies across Ohio for Martin

July 20, 2013

CINCINNATI (AP) — Thousands of protesters in Ohio voiced their frustration with George Zimmerman's acquittal in the shooting death of black teenager Trayvon Martin by joining a coordinated nationwid......

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Jul-20-13 8:03 PM

Americans are so stupid. They will protest and rally for trayvon but have no problem with a tyrannical out of control govt who violates our civil liberties on a daily basis.

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Jul-21-13 5:29 AM

"Thousands of protesters in Ohio voiced their frustration with George Zimmerman's acquittal in the shooting death of black teenager Trayvon Martin by joining a coordinated nationwide..."

We are should be asking ourself one question here--coordinated by whom?

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Jul-21-13 8:11 AM

"Not Guilty". That verdict was made by juror's who heard every word, saw every witness testify and were actually in the courtroom.

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Jul-21-13 10:24 AM

Google Antonio West - the 13 month old white baby that was shot and killed point blank in his stroller after his mother was shot 3 times for money, by 2 African-american teens. Truly a horrific set of circumstances, but no rallies, marches or outcry from out President for justice! WTH!!!

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Jul-21-13 10:40 AM

Wright--you can also google Antonio Santiago...the mothers name was West but the baby's name was Santiago. TERRIBLE STORY. Why would this not be national news?

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Jul-21-13 12:17 PM

Let me give you my opinion Wright. The baby killers need to be hung by the neck until dead, ok? However nobody believes this baby was killed because/for being white.

We know these were 2 thugs who shot a baby because they are horrible people, if anyone SERIOUSLY believed this to be a racial hate crime there would be a National uproar. Apparently whites do not believe this to be a racist hate crime because your leaders have remained silent, true?

Many Americans of all racial groups believe the killing of a teen simply walking home was racial (Zim said "they" or "these punks"). That is why so many Latino, White and every other racial groups are protesting.

Unfortunately there are folks who believe it's ok to kill an unarmed teen because you think he looks suspicious. THIS IS NOT A BLACK PROTEST, IT'S AN AMERICAN PROTEST!!! LOOK AT THE PEOPLE PROTESTING...

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Jul-21-13 12:25 PM

Does anyone believe that if Trayvon Martin had a gun he could legally have stood his ground by shooting Zimmerman?

After all is said and done several facts can't be twisted:

The police were NOT looking for anyone, no recent crime had been committed, it was raining and it was 7:00 in the evening.

Under those circumstances a teen of any complexion should be justified and allowed to walk home in peace without being followed or harassed.

So could Trayvon have been allowed to stand his ground? Would you believe your white daughter should be allowed to shoot a strange man following or confronting her?

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Jul-21-13 1:00 PM

Crap, I will probably regret engaging you but here goes....

Do you think as slow as Trayvon was walking in the rain (53 minutes to move 1/2mile in the rain) and the fact that he jumped a fence may have caused him to look suspicious?

And "they" or "these punks" could refer to someone of any race, while "crazy a** cracker" is clearly a racial comment.

I'm just trying to get you to open your mind a little and consider a different view point- couldn't some of the reason Trayvon was followed be justified?

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Jul-21-13 1:47 PM

Can't imagine why you'd regret engaging me, I'm respectful. I may have pounced on you for MsSmith but had no idea you were a female. I felt that day she had taken too much ridicule.

We're just here to have water cooler discussions, not make fun of or harass others.

Anyway I do not disagree with your logic, yes he may have acted in such a way to attract attention, but did he deserve to be killed?

Would you agree that had Zim stayed in the car or maybe had Trayvon been white no killing would occur?

As for the cracker comment being racial? Sure but by that time the teen was being followed, felt threatened and might have been fed up.

Ok, my Ihop order is here, I also vowed not to reply or engage certain folks here. I'm only responding to those who exhibit intelligence, wisdom & decency...

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Jul-21-13 2:09 PM

At first I thought "Why didn't Z just stay in the car and call the cops?" But when I found out it took Martin 53 minutes to move 1/2 a mile- I could see an alpha male following him. I would have called the cops, my husband would have followed him.

But remember, Martin being followed did not cause his death- Martin jumping Z caused his death.

I do have one remaining question "Could Z have fought back more physically before going for the gun?" He may have been legally justified in going for the gun but I think morally he should only have gone for the gun after he exhausted physical defense.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I'm sure Z now wishes he'd stayed in the car and wonders if he could have physically fought him off. Likewise if Martin had the chance - I'm sure he would have gone straight home and not jumped the man.

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Jul-21-13 2:12 PM

BTW- I would regret engaging you based on your previous abusive comments towards Vietnam Vets. Those comments were ignorant and I hope you regret them. Enough on that- let's stay on topic now.

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Jul-21-13 4:16 PM

Is the right wing theory now that the kid took to long to get home? I don't know teens who come & go promptly without dallying. We dont have any facts to support Martin "jumping" anyone. Most white kids I know will "jump" any stranger who follows and approach them too. did he know Zimmerman was a watch guy? The responsible adult should have identified himself first time he saw Martin.

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Jul-21-13 7:06 PM

"Most white kids I know will "jump" any stranger who follows and approach them too." NO THEY WILL NOT! I am very involved with the local boys basketball, track and cross country teams and the youth at church and they are good boys and cannot imagine any of them acting like this....that's a real stretch to say "most" boys would "jump" an adult man in the dark.

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Jul-21-13 7:29 PM

NMC: According to FLA law TM was entitled to defend himself.

DrPhil: Direct testimony by his friend and facts of the case show that TM was the initial aggressor.

Too many unanswered questions to take either side! Its a tragedy, however, the jury rendered a verdict and it must be accepted. The media made a circus out of this case! Now the infamous Al Sharpton, JJackson, Maxine Waters, Bobbie Rush and the rest of the CBC have jacked it even further and making it about race & politics now. Shame on them!

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Jul-22-13 8:57 AM

Three things to take away from this tragic event:

1. Who initiated physical contact in this event?

2. Who was the more physically endowed participant and who was the physical underdog?

3. Who is organizing and supporting these rallies and where do the "leaders" and speakers come from and who is supplying the nearly consistent talking points?

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Jul-22-13 9:38 AM

I gotta point this out. You say a white teen wouldn't fight an adult stranger following them? I say that's why white kids get raped & molested more often than others!

Black kids are taught to fight back, defend themselves, avoid strangers and to TELL!

Dating white women I always heard stories of molestation in the family, school, by neighbors, etc.... And a conspiracy of silence! They'll go decades saying nothing, just like those boys in Catholic School.

Maybe for your own good its time to teach white kids to fight back or at least make a habit of exposing pedophiles both in & out of their families...

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Jul-22-13 9:55 AM


Didn't GZ do just that?

Fight back after he was attacked and was physically out manned?

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Jul-22-13 11:07 AM

We don't factually know who attacked who first, we only have the suspects word. I'd like to know how you would react to me following you in the dark and eventually in your personal space.

Me? I would expect you to feel threatened, push or punch me out of your face unless I put your fear to rest by ID-ing myself as security.

Unless & until I ID'd myself I would expect you to be in full defensive/protection mode because you have no idea who I am, nor had you done anything to deserve my approaching you. Is that too difficult a scenario?

All we have is a series of speculation and the word of a suspect trying to avoid prison...

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Jul-22-13 11:31 AM

He's one white teen who'll never be abused, bullied or molested by a coach. He see's & hears for himself what's wrong in society with racial stupidity from both sides.

Perhaps other whites need to begin teaching their children to fight back & tell authorities when touched or approached sexually by adults, especially by family & family friends.

My guess is that Trayvon did what any teen should do. Fight back against any adult following & confronting you without ID'ing himself as law enforcement. And even when ID'd as law enforcement, be absolutely sure it's not a trick!

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Jul-22-13 11:35 AM

See what you're up against FG? My 9:38am comment has perverts disagreeing to protect white teens from rape, molestation & abuse!

Why won't you people take a stand against pedophiles & child abuse in your communities?

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Jul-22-13 11:40 AM

I realize blacks fail to prevent drug dealing & street crime in their commities. But isn't molestation worse?

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Jul-22-13 12:14 PM

NMC: I disagreed with your 9:38 post simply because I am NOT a pervert, and NOT ALL white kids are defenseless morons waiting around to be raped, molested more often.

Many kids I have known for years, both black and white, were taught to defend themselves yet NOT be the instigator.

I agreed with your post of 11:21 ALL kids should be taught to be aware of their surroundings and how to defend themselves by whatever means necessary.

I disagreed with your post of 11:07 as TM friend, RJ, testified that TM was the aggressor. I believed her testimony.

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Jul-22-13 12:21 PM

NMC: I disagreed with your 11:35 post simply because I am NOT a pervert!

I disagreed with your 11:40 post because I dont believe that drugs and street crimes are black problems. Nor do I believe molestation is worse, I believe they are equally bad and that it is a problem for the entire community.

Not sure why you insist that kidnaps, rapes, molestation, and the like are only perpetrated by whites; or that these kids dont tell. Evil comes in ALL skin colors!

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Jul-22-13 12:39 PM

Reality check. All the things that you know about Trayvon Martin were NOT know to George Zimmerman the night of the shooting.

He did not where he had been or where he was going. He did not know if he had been outside for 10 hours or 10 minutes.

What he know was that he saw a young man walking down the sidewalk. The young man was dressed in a hoody on a rainy February evening at about 7:15 in the evening. The young man was on the phone. He saw him walk up the sidewalk into a condo complex and around the corner. That is what he knew by his own admission.

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Jul-22-13 12:42 PM

Can I comment on a rally that I found to be completely distasteful.

The past week the families and victims gathered in Aurora Colorado. This was the one year anniversary.

Across the way gun proponents held a rally, guns and all. There are 364 other days for the gun lobby to protest.

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