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Children should never be exposed

June 23, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: As I was reading in a recent edition of the Tribune about “Baggy britches banned,” and I thought, it’s about time somebody steps up to the plate to tell these people who “sag” to pull......

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Jun-28-13 6:16 PM

Items very dumb fad and looks somewhat homosexual to me. I won't allow any sag wearing idiot around my property nor will I rent to anyone associated with such foolishness.

I gotta agree with WP, it's just something else to ridicule black folks about. And yes I know whites do it along with every other racial group, however we get the ridicule for having begun such a dumbass style.

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Jun-28-13 3:28 PM

Those kids are a bow legged mess. I should've been a Chiropractor!! They will all be visiting on in the future!!

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Jun-26-13 1:52 PM

The pants sagging is a complete sign of disrespect and honestly it just looks ridiculous! It should be banned everywhere. Kids need to focus on school and sports instead of thinking they are all rap stars. I raised three kids when this was first in style and not one of them would have left the house like that.

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Jun-25-13 9:13 AM

SAGGIN spelled backwards spells what? I tell this to young men i come across saggin and tell them to have some pride in their appearance and suprisingly..they pull up their pants,i know they pull them down again when they get around their peers,but i can only worry about educating my own. Hopefully, it's only a can only hope.

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Jun-24-13 12:33 PM

PantherPride- LOL! I love your post.

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Jun-24-13 12:33 PM

WarrenProud- I have seen other races, including the white race, wear saggy bottoms.

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Jun-24-13 5:35 AM

Pants on the ground is a cultural thing. Just like Afros and Long Hair, one day it will fade away. Personally, I find it disgusting, and another reason for blacks to be made fun of.

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Jun-23-13 6:57 PM

Very well stated,Michael-well done.I thought the saggy movement was started to mimic the way prisoners had to wear their britches without a belt.Many of the saggers I see need a free hand to help hold those pants up,which makes me think they aren't playing with a full deck to begin with.I would like to motion that we begin a county-wide sagg-free day whereby those resident who are over the age of 30 can dress this way while going about our usual business just to show these saggers how stupid we'd all look with our back ends hanging out like that.I would also move that we do this during warmer months and not during the bitter winter season because we don't want to get frost-butt.

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Jun-23-13 1:02 PM

Michael,Marine12 is correct.However,at your home, you have every right to set standards.

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Jun-23-13 11:14 AM

Michael, how things come full circle. I bet your parents resented long hair on men, halter tops, bell bottoms, short shorts, afros, etc. Every generation has it's fad that irks the generation before it.

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Jun-23-13 10:36 AM

Michael- I love the letter. You have the ability to make a serious letter actually sound humorous.

Thanks and I promise to reprimand "saggers" everywhere!

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Jun-23-13 9:29 AM

We DO need someone to step up to the plate - parents like you - who know right from wrong and who insist on proper standards in their presence,and in the presence of their families, and in their homes.

Thanks for doing the right thing.

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Jun-23-13 6:30 AM

I was talking to some young kids about this a while back. I guess it is on its way out or soon to be. They say it is now a sign of someone being a Homosexual. Funny how things change that fast.

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