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Some questions for Dean, Urban League

May 19, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: To my brother in Christ Bob Dean, there are several things that you must consider as a man of God: A....

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May-24-13 1:44 AM

I'm not here to be little anyone one and I have read all of the comments and one thing that has stood out is none and I mean none of these families have said thank u not to Mr.Dean and exspecially not to the people who took their hard earned money to help these families in their time of need. And all I have to say is this is why r world is the way it is because no one appreciates anything anymore and apparently these families for got their manners.And I don't feel the families should have gotten any cash in hand that's not what the money was for.Some people need to learn their is a thin line between needy and greedy.

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May-23-13 9:17 AM

First off I did donate and it was for the families who lost their children and everyone on here that thinks the families were trying to make a profit is rediculous, It don't matter what color skin they were,they were children and the people who can sit back and say the negative things about these families are ignorant and should be ashamed of themselves. I work hard everyday and I to lost a child it paralyzes you. You are numb and in disbelief and the last thing you need is nasty people saying negative things. I pray these families make it through all this. I think that reciepts and a full report should be made public so all that donated can see where their heart felt money went.

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May-22-13 2:23 PM

BSwalks, when Mr. Dean asked for people to make contributions he stated, "It was to help these families to bury their children." Yet somehow these families believe this money is for them to spend as they please. If Mr. Dean had asked us to donate money for the families to spend as they please, most of us who donated never would have donated. I know many of these families. The couple of families that do work didn't have the funds to bury their children. Be honest. Although the funeral home donated its building for services they did not donate coffins, and the grave yards did not donate their services along with the plots that were donated. The stones were quite expensive as well. So tell me all you know. Mr. Dean has been investigated by the state AG. Let it go. He has done nothing wrong but try to help selfish, greedy, self indulgent ingrates. I guess he'll know better next time.

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May-22-13 10:21 AM

GlendaG, this money WAS NOT RAISED for the families. Those of us, let me say that again, THOSE OF US, that donated to this cause donated for the purpose of helping bury these children. Not for the families to go spend on self gratification. I wonder how much you donated Glenda? What did you do to help these grieving families? My guess would be that vary few of these families had to miss work, because they don't work. I have to admit when I read letters like this and your comments I'm disgusted. This is greed and selfishness pure and simple on the families part. Like dstabt stated, "I never heard one family member say thank you." Entitlement mentality at its best.

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May-22-13 5:32 AM

I agrees with mssmith......their sense of entitlement, ingratitude and arrogance on the part of the families is evident. Their community met a need for their children that they were unable to meet and they critique??? All the money in the world will not fill the void of losing a child.

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May-21-13 6:20 PM

Bob dean did his job those families should not have gotten any money. That money was raised for the funeral expences not for them to go out and spend as they see fit. As far as the families that lost time at work because of greif why didn't where they work raise money for them. There is greif groups that you can go to. No one should act so greedy about what is left over. What upsets me is that all of the chances the families have to publicly say thank you they don't the rather write letters saying where is my money

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May-21-13 2:31 PM

This money was raised for the families of this awful accident. When a parent loses a child their life is wrecked they are grieving. At this time in their lives they need help. I do not feel as though I would consider this money a profit as much as a helping hand for people who can not function because of such a great lose. This money was given to these families to help them through a tough part of their lives and anyone who has ever experienced such a great lose would agree that this money could of helped pay some bills or put food on the table because the parents can not work due to grief. This is the worst thing that could happen to a parent and the people came together to help

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May-20-13 10:49 AM

Shelli, instead of just criticizing Mr. Dean behind the cloak of God, do something yourself for your community. I'm no friend of Bobby but these attacks are nothing more than resentful pouting. This money never belonged to any of the families of the so called victims of the accident. With out the generosity of the community and the organizing of Mr. Dean, where would those being so selfish and greedy have gotten the money to bury their loved ones? You all should be thankful to have a man that had the forethought to think you were to irresponsible to be able to address the tragic need of you child(ren.) As if this small amount of money would last you longer than a hair-due or nail painting. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

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May-20-13 9:54 AM

No person, family or survivor, should benefit from an overage of funds collected for burial expenses of the deceased. This is my opinion, I believe it to be fair and moral. I read the letter and it smacked of greed and resentment, very ugly attitudes exhibited throughout. The money is gone. Time to let this go, too.

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May-19-13 2:01 PM

I am not sure if the folks wanting this money understand that the money would be taxed. They would be better off having the money sent to a non-profit or social services to pay for things like grief counseling.

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May-19-13 6:55 AM

Bob Dean is crooked as the day is long. Own up to where the $$$$$ went Bob. The Urban League in Youngstown does not deserve Warren's donated money. We are waiting.

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