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These silent cyclists have much to say

Group rides to promote bicycle safety measures

May 16, 2013

WARREN — The message on a small white flier given to people Wednesday summed up what a group of closed-mouthed cyclists wanted to convey to the public — ‘‘Let the Silence Roa....

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May-17-13 4:38 AM

bike lanes really countyresident??? what is wrong with the new bike trail they are putting through?

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May-17-13 4:36 AM

Yeah you were all so afraid of the hood rats in warren that you needed a police escort.

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May-17-13 4:34 AM

yeah I watched them ride and a lot of them were riding left of center. In order to promote bicycle safety you must first learn to abide by the rules!!!!

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May-16-13 9:58 PM

I forgot my most important comment: Thank you to all who took part in this moving tribute.

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May-16-13 9:57 PM

I see bikers and pedestrians breaking the law all the time. It seems like no one knows the basic laws of walking and biking on public thoroughfares.

That being said, those walking and biking need to be hyper-vigilant in these days of texting and speeding drivers. No one can assume that the "other guy" sees you; not on the road, not on the sidewalks and especially not in parking lots!

I knew Larry and respected him. I would see him on his bike all over Trumbull County and I still miss those sightings.

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May-16-13 9:14 PM

Quite a pleasant ride, from my perspective!

Hats off to the Warren PD monitoring each intersection.

A beautiful night for a ride through the east side of Warren -- the WPD pace car took us up Atlantic, across Perkinswood, and down Market to Park, then Washington, then Perkins Circle to Perkins Park, and then back up Mahoning to High to Elm to the high school.

Very reminiscent of my childhood riding the streets of Warren to baseball or scouts or weekday mass or the store for mom or delivering papers or just roaming the city.

My recommendation: do this next year!

It's a good thing.

And to all you drivers out there, please share the road.

Those cyclists can do you no harm.

Cut them some slack, will ya?

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May-16-13 6:18 PM

Wonders said, "The message is cyclists belong on the road and drivers need to watch for them." Fair enough, but don't take it for granted that motorists will (1) see you in time to avoid an accident, and (2) don't get an in-your-face attitude that you have the "right" to be there, therefore motorists have the responsibility to yield to you. Use some common sense - the motorist's vehicle is bigger than your bike, so if you don't use due care and attention, bads things happen.

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May-16-13 4:46 PM

Rezistanceisfutile, we understand that you like assault rifles and don’t support restrictions on their sale or possession. We also understand that you don’t support Obama. We further understand that you’re attempting to undermine one of Obama’s arguments for assault-rifle regulation by carrying something that he said to an absurd conclusion by comparing bicycles to assault rifles.

Now, since we get where you’re coming from, I think that the most decent thing would be to quit injecting politics into this discussion and just let the comments be about bicycling and remembering those bicyclists who have died.

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May-16-13 3:55 PM

I'm talking about the US, haha millions huh where did you get that stat? Are you telling the truth? A life is a life is it not, if people weren't riding bikes they would not die riding bikes, obama said if we can save one life we have the obligation to try, his words not mine. My comparison stands. Do you know how many people were killed in the US lasy year by assault rifles?

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May-16-13 3:26 PM

This sounds like a great event and a good way of honoring those bicyclists who have died in recent years. I always support anything designed to make motorists more aware of the fact that the road belongs as much to bicyclists as it does to them.

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May-16-13 3:00 PM

If you can't see the world of difference bewteen random bicycle accidents and angry people purposely picking up assault rifles to blow fatal holes into the bodies of other human beings, then it surely is futile.

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May-16-13 2:55 PM

resistance take your meds.

assault rifles kill a million people a year on average

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May-16-13 2:17 PM

Well it appears more people are killed on bikes than by assault weapons, using the logic of our dear leaders who love us sooo much we should ban bikes, for our safety, for our own good. Please call your congressman and have them ban bikes, nobody needs these death machines!

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May-16-13 11:50 AM

Dear Bikers (and motorists) : A stop sign means stop, not slow down and continue on through. The bike trail has stop signs, please observe them, use them for the safety of all motorists and bikers. The bike trail is great, but the trees and foilage limit visibility when you come up on a road. You end up in the middle of the road before you see fully both ways. Yes motorists speed on the side roads the bike trail crosses but the cars do not have a stop sign at the bike trail crossing the bikers have a stop sign. Even when going the speed limit bikers come up with a look of shock as they try to roll thru the stop sign and there's a car coming. Don't blame motorists when you are not riding safely.

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May-16-13 10:53 AM

DC has lots of bike lanes. They're great, but most people still use sidewalks and streets like it's their own playground.

I don't mind bike riders, but for chrissakes, observe to law for crying out loud! Just because you're on a bike, that doesn't give you license to cut through red lights by using the side walk. Jerks.

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May-16-13 10:03 AM

Bike Lanes? In a perfect world maybe so. However, we can't get the pot holes and crumbling roads fixed so we're pretty much limited to "wishful thinking". Nice to read something that has little merit these days! Excellent event too!

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May-16-13 9:06 AM

the other side of the argument is that cyclists also need to follow traffic and safety laws.

that said, the wonders family do a great job in organizing these events.

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May-16-13 8:35 AM

I agree that bike lanes would help, but there are many drivers out there who have no respect for the rights of cyclists on the road. My family rides a lot and I can't tell you how many close calls that we have had. My son was riding to school one day when one of the busses turned right in front of him and nearly hit him.

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May-16-13 7:07 AM

Bike lanes would be a great addition for safety of riders.

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