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Meetings to discuss ideas for grant funds

March 10, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: And Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership were awarded a Community Challenge Grant from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to facilitate a planning process for......

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Mar-13-13 11:11 AM

Actually, "Jack", I suspect that the person you are addressing has helped the community in his or her own way.

You don't get this riled up without being involved in some capacity.

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Mar-12-13 12:31 PM

Jtoday, in this poster's defense, i remember that there was supposed to be a jobs compomnent to Weed and Seed that was to give poor kids jobs. Cutting grass, picking up trash... Course, all theyve seeded is crazy all around town!

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Mar-12-13 12:02 PM

More whining from the do-nothing crazy camp.

get over it, move on and try to do something for this city.

But you have a big thinker like USBlues in your camp way to go!

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Mar-11-13 4:17 PM

"Weed and Seed is a community-based approach that targets reducing and preventing crime while revitalizing the community."

"Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership's mission is to empower residents through programming and projects that improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods of Warren, Ohio."

Neither of these descriptions contain the word 'Jobs'. Does you think that Weed and Seed and TNP have no value?

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Mar-11-13 4:10 PM

whatyousay states "it begins and ends with Jobs to increase the tax base and anyone not addressing this issue is blowing smoke"

whatyousay, tell us about your plans to address jobs in Warren... or are you just blowing smoke?

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Mar-11-13 3:48 PM

No matter what your beef with Nativio, the TNP meetings will continue as noted in the Letter to the Editor. Should you want your voice heard and your suggestions noted, I suggest you attend the one for your neighborhood. Legitimate gripes need taken to their board, not bandied about on the comment section like a crazy person.

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Mar-11-13 3:28 PM

"Trumbull County homeowners with vacant delinquent tax land adjacent to the right, left or rear of their home; or vacant owned parcels may have the opportunity to purchase that property as a side lot for a nominal cost. It is the TCLRC's intention to merge such parcels with adjacent owner parcels in such a way that the property owner's land value is enhanced and such vacant lots are restored to the tax rolls. Programs will conform to local city, township and village policy"

whatyousay I was curious so I read the land bank resolutions. The above quote is as close as I could see to what you were talking about. I did not read anywhere that anybody as a right of first refusal.

I do not know the details of these transactions or TNP's involvement. Whenever I read a statement about violations of the law I become curious.

If the law was violated did these folks contact higher ups to file a complaint?

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Mar-11-13 2:50 PM

Let's make this very very clear. It was Weed and Seed and not TNP that was responsible for the board ups around town, using the painted boards. It was done by Weed and Seed volunteers in conjunciton co ordination with the City's Health Dept call the Health Dept and get educated. Sure TNP provided a few individuals who where forced to work boarding up houses because the courts ordered them to...TNP claimed the work done by WEED and SEED, standard MVOC operating procedure. Ally yourself with a another group and take credit for the work they do.

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Mar-11-13 2:42 PM

jtoday, the land bank legislation as it is written gives the adjacent property owner of a lot demolished with public funds the right to purchase the land next door to them first. Or right of first refusal, meaning they must be offered the land first. and if they pass or refuse then it can be sold to someone else. K

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Mar-11-13 2:39 PM

Maybe Josh you should tell them that. They should stop attempting to appropriate tax payer dollars, WRAP money cannot be used for marketing - what tnp should learn is how government funds must be spent. Where they can and cannot be spent and they should stop mis informing the lemmings who follow them, also I can remember when you were no fan of these outside groups I can remember on several occasions sitting and listening to You wax and wane poetic how tnp and mvoc were up to no good and now I guess you drank the Political Kool - Aide, my opposition to this group is the fact that a banker and former member of city council has helped ram rod this group down the throats of the residents of warren under the guise of economic redevelopement. TNP would have warren believe if they rehab some houses their problems will be solved, Jobs. You've heard me say this Josh it begins and ends with Jobs to increase the tax base and anyone not addressing this issue is blowing smoke

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Mar-11-13 11:57 AM

Hey,"what", yup, Warren has no plan to bring jobs. I agree.

But how is that TNP's problem?

Yes, the Pogg study was a terrible waste of time and money.

But hos is that TNP's problem?

You mention the shale boom, yup, Warren better figure out a way to capitalize on that.

But TNP is not Warren city government.

And please, give us the name of that business person who Matt would not give a lot to. Name names or shut the **** up.

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Mar-11-13 11:54 AM

Did someone show Mike Keys how to open up a Trib account?

Or is "whatyousay" someone who did not get a job with TNP or MVOC and is just sour?

You decide!

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Mar-11-13 11:27 AM

@whatyousay, do you even know how non-profits work?

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Mar-11-13 9:11 AM

"who by law have the right of first refusal to any vacant lots."

whatyousay your explanation did not address this statement. Can you explain?

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Mar-11-13 8:17 AM

@whatyousay: How can you complain about TNP asking for money for salaries and then also complain that they haven't created any jobs? I respectfully suggest that if you can do it better, step up to the plate. Otherwise, you're just here to grind an ax, like I stated originally.

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Mar-11-13 7:39 AM

Mr. Martin and his group have done more as a non-profit than Keys and Iannucci have done combined. Plus, I don't see any dead dogs in drug houses or condemned housing with TNP, but I do with Sunshine.

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Mar-11-13 7:32 AM

KnowTheFacts, no comment about jobs. Warren can continue to make all the plans it wants and until tnp mvoc and warren city council realize that we must create jobs first and foremost all efforts to re build warren are nothing but more studies and plans that will sit on the self - think anyone wants to live in a city with no jobs then you care little for our city.

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Mar-11-13 7:27 AM

Sure there is a local business that wishes to expand his business, the land bank has refused to give the vacant lot to him so tnp and matt can plant flowers on the lot, the homeowner was told she could not a vacant lot next to her home because the land bank wishes to rehab a house tow doors down and they want the lot just in case they sell the house the new ha ha homeowners wish to put up a garage - first they would have to find someone to buy the house to be rehabbed, the current homeowner next door has money now.

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Mar-11-13 7:24 AM

last summer mr martin submitted a grant proposal to Warren’s community development block grant board, the grant for 15K was for salaries, check it out or better yet shut up and ask the members of the board, when tnp is out of money they will be back asking for more monies to pay their salaries – or ask andy barkley about the grant request and the bankers who are sitting back waiting for tnp and the trouble county land bank to make them rich

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Mar-10-13 4:36 PM

Whatyousay is obviously on here to grind an ax and stir up trouble instead of having anything of merit to add. Mr. Martin and his employees have done more for the city than WRAP, CD and Sunshine combined and they aren't getting the double salaries like the city employees are either. Acorn? Really? Go be paranoid elsewhere.

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Mar-10-13 3:56 PM


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Mar-10-13 2:16 PM

"TNP and the Trumbull County Landbank have recently been accused of denying vacant properties to businesses that wish to expand and property owners who by law have the right of first refusal to any vacant lots."

I am confused by this statement, could you explain more.

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Mar-10-13 11:06 AM

and its a great time for this round of "the warren dog and pony show" every politician running for re-election and every want to be new politician will be hanging out at these meetings telling how much they care about you, and the city of Warren. What they will not be able to tell you is 1.) if a current member of council, how many jobs have you helped bring to warren. 2.) if you have served more than a decade on city council? Why is Warren is such bad shape 3.) are you, a current warren city council person at all responsible for the current state of the city?

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Mar-10-13 11:02 AM

what mr martin and his band of left leaning liberal radicals does not understand is that a community is revitalized first and foremost when jobs return. The shale boom will help by the way mvoc and tnp oppose fracking so its easy to conclude they oppose jobs unless of course its for another member of their club.

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Mar-10-13 10:59 AM

Warning. This is a repeat of a former failed attempt. How many Warren residents remember the Poggeymeyer Report? A $180K fleecing of the Warren taxpayer. The City paid this outfit to 1.) come up with a comprehensive plan for all the neighborhoods 2.) This would be accomplished by holding meetings with each section of town to get their input and then all the reports would be combined and the city would use the information for 1.) demolition 2) rehab and 3) a comprehensive city wide plan for the neighborhoods to begin re developement around the new schools.

So here we are again, doing the same thing over again, with different monies to accomplish the same ends - a report that will sit on the shelf because those who obtained the grant did so solely to pay for their job and or create a job for a friend at taxpayers expense.

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