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Woman sentenced in slaying

Gets 15 years to life

February 21, 2013

WARREN — A 30-year-old Warren woman declined to say anything Wednesday before a judge sentenced her to life in prison for the murder of her 15-month-old daughter in the fall of 2011....

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Feb-21-13 2:15 PM

Yep, yep!!!

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Feb-21-13 2:06 PM

I agree Bill, perhaps I should have been more clear. I was trying to avoid accusing any particular religion and confine my statement to those theologians of the Priest craft who show no fear of the God they claim to represent. My comment was more about the existence of God than crimes done by his representatives...

Religion is among the great mysteries of the Universe, a mystery that accept for ancient writings we have no idea what's true or false. Study of ancient religions & schools of thought was an intense hobby of mine once. Even now I have amassed such a library to be proud of.

I'm one of the few people who don't hide when Jehovah's Witnesses knock on the door. I invite them in make them comfortable, hear them out and question their doctrines. I accept their Watch Tower & Awake then show them my literature (African & Masonic art)to explain some of the conclusions I've reached. It's usually an enlightening experience for them...

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Feb-21-13 1:07 PM

Where was baby daddy when baby mamma wanted to go out and play? From this story, it appears he was not in this kid's life, yet now he is crying and wearing her picture on his shirt and saying he will miss her smile. He is just as guilty for not taking care of his kid(s).

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Feb-21-13 12:23 PM

NMC, I to feel that when a member of the clergy from any religion does such acts it is disgusting along with stealing from the congregation, having affairs with its members wives, any act of deception in the name of God, etc..., but I do recognize that they are human. Human-beings are not perfect. I will not blame a religion, or judge a entire profession for the actions of a few. It's like doing the same as USBlues/OldmanGrump, ArticWolf and others only attacking a different group.

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Feb-21-13 11:37 AM

well i think you are all forgetting that if she would have been a foster parent from newton falls she would have gotten 3 years. this is a sad and unfair system, all child killers should get life no parole. what happened to if you kill and are proven guilty you go to jail , or death . now they are allowed to go try agin after so many years . you will rott in*****for killing

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Feb-21-13 11:36 AM

I'm not too sure about the existence of this Jesus or God being revered. Mainly because the Earthly representatives of these omnipotent beings (Priests) seem to have no fear of after death retribution. Somehow many of them have knowledge of life, death and existence that most of us are'nt privy too.

Why else would so many of them commit the most heinous, disgusting, abhorrent, misanthropic crimes imaginable against so many innocent, defenseless, pure of spirit beings on the planet? Children!

So I'm remaining skeptical about these divine beings and their existence or intervention in the affairs of man. If the Priestcraft are'nt fearful of God's wrath then neither am I. Especially since any sin I might commit will never involve children...

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Feb-21-13 11:22 AM

Yes this woman is disgusting.

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Feb-21-13 10:07 AM

How can you also not be this upset about abortion? It is a violent end to a life that never got a chance to live.

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Feb-21-13 10:02 AM

We live in a fallen world. The death of this baby is evidence of that fact. The baby is with Christ. Joy will find no joy when she faces her Judgement Day, through her own free will she will burn in eternal fires.

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Feb-21-13 7:43 AM

15 years is all she will have to do here.. Wow, thats really a good debt to society for the crime she committed. Then what? She'll get out, have another child and do the same thing or worse to that child? May God deal with her... She will have her hands full with watching over her shoulder while incarcerated because 99% of inmates (male and female) dispise child abusers, child molesters, or anyone who committs a crime to a child, then to know she did this to her own child...That poor baby did'nt ask to be born or go through that, and to brutally lose her life....Gee thanks mom...I hope she really gets some help, because thanks to her, her daugher will never get to expierience life. God has her in his hands, and I believe she's looking down on all of this.. To the rest of the family of this precious child, you all have my deepest and sincerest sympathy... I'll keep you all in my prayers...

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Feb-21-13 7:12 AM

You take a life you give a life, and NO the baby, my opinion, is not in a better place, the baby is in the ground and that's where Joy should be.

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Feb-21-13 6:49 AM

Yea right WarrenP, she's up there right now singing with Jesus. The child is dead! She has ceased to exist.

If there is a Jesus, why does he allow such tragic things to happen to the most innocent of beings?

Why can't he with all of his omnipotence stop such a heinous act and strike down the mother before she acts? Don't tell me it is free will either. That is ********.

The child is dead and the mother should be too!

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Feb-21-13 6:31 AM

15 years to Life for what she did to that 15 month old baby hardly seems enough prison time. She'll be on the street again way too soon, meanwhile her baby never got a chance at living on this earth. Hopefully her daughter has found happiness with Jesus in Heaven.

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