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Obama wins round I

January 28, 2013

Conservatives in the House of Representatives really had no choice but to postpone debate over increasing the national debt ceiling, as they voted on Wednesday to do....

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Jan-31-13 8:01 AM

senator, you are going take to "tax and spend" for about 3 more months top. by spring its over.

good job.

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Jan-29-13 3:38 PM

Jonathon, it is the Tea Party GOP that is turning America into Greece. The conservative holds put on the European legislatures have wildly cut spending to the point of throwing their economies into deep recession. Paying America's bills is a first priority and that means raising the debt ceiling. Apart from that there then must be meaningful reform in spending AND taxation adjustment back toward the Clinton era rates so that we GRADUALLY reduce our deficit without throwing the economy into a tailspin. How the GOP can look America in the eye and NOW claim (after 8 years of running the economy into the ground and the deficit to the heavens) is beyond reality. I'll take "tax and spend" over "tax cut and spend" any day. That's what has brought this country to its worst economic situation since the 30's.

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Jan-28-13 9:24 PM

obama didn't win, the nation lost.

There isn't two hoots worth of difference between the establishment Beltway Democrats and the establishment Beltway Republicans who have successfully shut down the fiscally conservative Republicans elected in 2010.

They were the last hope for an alternative to fiscal calamity.

When the world markets finally determine that America is not good for the debt we have printed, a collation of America hating nations will conspire to replace the dollar as the world currency with a basket of their own currencies and it will be "Irene Goodnight". We will be able to print no more.

And it WILL all come crashing down.

Equality will be established with developing nations and social justice will have been served.

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Jan-28-13 5:49 PM

This is a ridiculous position to take. So I suppose Bush won the 13 times the debt ceiling was increased during his presidency. Where were all the Republicans crying about cuts and reducing the deficit then? Where was this newspaper to say the government needs to cut spending? This paper didn't say a thing because it has become a conservative mouthpiece without any original thoughts or positions. It simply regurgitates what other people say, and doesn't even do that well. As unitedfortruth said, both parties are tax and spend parties. The debt has increased under every president in the past 40 years, regardless of whether it was a democrat or republican.

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Jan-28-13 11:15 AM

the whole of congress is the "tax and spend crowd" LOL! i mean, just a take a sceond and look at the last 12 years and the absolute massive amount of spending and debt we have accumulated.

they are winning, the people are losing. there is no other way to look at it.

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Jan-28-13 8:16 AM

That gang of so-called "conservatives" obviously forgot all about the wonders of fiscal responsibility, and frugality, and just plain old pay-as-you-go good sense, when they decided (A) to fight two wars off-the-books, effectively running up the tab to the tune of $10 Billion a month, and (B) to begin the fiscally disasterous "W" era with a big old tax give-back, so that the "have-mores" could, well, have more.

And the only response they have when you raise that issue is "Well, we have to move forward and stop living in the past."

The Busshh tax-cut and the unfunded wars they, well, didn't fund practically sent this country into the 2nd Great Depression.

Nice, for a change, to have a president who knows the importance of paying the bills.

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Jan-28-13 7:24 AM

Warren, when the well runs dry, and it will, you may then realize how stupid some of your pro Obama comments are, he is turning us into Greece, hope you can hang onto your lucrative department store job while the demise of our country is approaching.

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Jan-28-13 5:36 AM

American citizens won round 1. The Republican party of NO has learned President Obama is a force not to be reckoned when it come to the debt ceiling. Not raising the debt ceiling would have cost America jobs and caused the stock market to go into a bear market.

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