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It’s never too early for look for pests

April 8, 2013 A couple years ago, I went on a tirade about the Viburnum Leaf Beetle attacking the shrub just outside my bedroom window. more »»

It’s never too early for look for pests

April 8, 2013 A couple years ago, I went on a tirade about the Viburnum Leaf Beetle attacking the shrub just outside my bedroom window. more »»

Springtime brings thoughts of mulch

April 1, 2013 The plan is always to get the mulch in place in early spring, but I am usually mulching gardens all season lon. more »»

Fastener was inspired by a weed

March 18, 2013 American poet Edna St. Vincent Millay wasn’t totally correct when she wrote in her poem, “From a Very Little Sphinx,” “Everybody but just me Despises burdocks. more »»

Try growing green beans this season

March 11, 2013 When I was a little girl, we used to call them string beans, except when we called them snap beans. I suppose they were both. more »»

Garden changes can result in challenges

March 4, 2013 I think I’ve finally figured out why I enjoy my gardens so much. It doesn’t have anything to do with getting my hands dirty or growing pretty flowers and tasty vegetables. more »»

New apple variety arrives locally

February 25, 2013 It takes a long time for a new discovered fruit, vegetable or plant to make it to market. more »»

Celebrating Presidents Day with gardens

February 18, 2013 I often write in this column the importance of keeping a garden journal to record what goes on from season to season. more »»

Winter gardening for the dedicated grower

February 11, 2013 It is possible, I have heard, to grow some vegetables all winter long — outdoors — in our backyards. I have never tried it, but it certainly sounds plausible enough to pique my interes. more »»

Start lavender now for summer

February 4, 2013 If the scent of lavender is one of your favorites, you might want to try growing it yourself. Years ago the only lavender I could grow in my garden was a dwarf variety called Munstead. more »»

Celebrating the world’s wetlands

February 4, 2013 WORLD WETLANDS DAY TO BE MARKED: The Trumbull Soil and Water Conservation District will hold a free movie night at 6:30 p.. more »»

Start coleus seeds now for spring

January 28, 2013 All this talk about container gardening made me think of a plant that at one time dominated hanging baskets and terra cotta urns all summe. more »»

Growing tips for beginning gardeners

January 21, 2013 Having planted seeds and growing things for as long as I can remember, I am often surprised when someone asks me how they can get their own garden started. more »»

Sneak in a little gardening

January 14, 2013 We seem to be in the midst of the annual January thaw, a seasonal phenomenon that isn’t overlooked by gardeners. more »»

Breadcrumbs don’t just come from a can

January 9, 2013 Even when I wasn’t working full time and leading a busy lifestyle, I hated taking the time to visit the grocery store. more »»

Winter planning leaves time to change mind

January 7, 2013 When a couple has been married four decades, they tend to think alike, and that’s exactly what happened when the husband and I realized we had little time for tending to our modest vegetable garden... more »»

Closed-up indoors can cause havoc for plants

December 31, 2012 It’s always wonderful to open the doors and windows when the temperatures climb above 65 degrees, but this time of year, when fresh air is next to impossible to obtain, houseplants can suffe. more »»

The boring months are just beginning

December 24, 2012 The holiday season, which is winding down, always seems to arrive faster than we expect, but once it’s over, the next three months drag as though they will never come to an end. more »»

Getting amaryllis to rebloom is possible

December 17, 2012 Readers sometimes come up with the best ideas for columns and that happened last week when I received an email asking how to get an amaryllis to rebloom. more »»

Choosing the right gift for a gardener

December 10, 2012 So your mother, father, spouse or even your offspring loves to garden, and it’s up to you to find the perfect gift this yea. more »»



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